Food Court

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Enjoy the authentic Persian taste with a diverse menu of mouth-watering Iranian meals.


Enjoy a flavorful chicken meal and benefit from the regular offers at Popeyes.

Fruits & Juice

For refreshing snacks and beverages visit FRUITS & JUICE!

Burger King

Your go-to place for phenomenal burger meals that will surely satisfy your cravings.


Visit Samurai and explore the exotic Japanese cookery immersed in style and tang.


Satisfy your fast-food craving with a delicious meal from Kudu's inviting menu.


Whether you're looking for a speaker to use in big events or simply a speaker to ...

Fresh as Fresh

For the best dried ingredients you can use for cooking, check out FRESH AS FRESH and ...


To satisfy your inner foodie, grab a meal from MCDONALDS and enjoy our flavourful Food Court.


Visit SUBWAY and you'll get to taste the best fresh ingredients arranged into delicious sanwiches and ...


Explore a disverse menu with savory dishes from Italian, French, and Lebanese cuisines.


Make sure you visit SHAWARMER and discover our shawarma-based menu that brings you new and special ...

Bass Ta Wook

Savor the flavorful all-time favorite Middle Eastern chicken throughout our different menu choices.


Savor a wide range of superb Italian dishes at Pastaleni.


For a classic Italian lunch with a variety of menu choices, visit Sbarro and you will ...


Savor our mouth-watering combos and sandwiches and enjoy our delightful shakes.

Baskin Robbins

If you're looking for a flavor-packed scoop of icecream or a delicious cake to celebrate, then ...


Fill your bucket with all types of fried chicken and sides of your favorite salads, sauces ...

AL’s Gourmet

Enjoy plenty of gourmet platters from a variety of international cuisines at AL's Gourmet.