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“Spazio 77 – Restaurant & Lounge” serves up world class French, Italian and Japanese cuisine overlooking Riyadh city. Located at the top floor of the tower (77th floor), the restaurant offers a chic dining experience. Very famous for its style, customers can enjoy savory dishes from our creative French chef, accompanied by excellent cocktails. It is recommended for business lunch or brunch too.


Discover the unique Oxygen bar in the kingdom with original flavored oxygen session. “Spazio 77 – restaurant & lounge” is truly a modern luxury design restaurant in the heart of Riyadh.


Oxygen Bar
Cigar Lounge
Business Lunch
Friday Brunch
Exquisite Lunch & Dinner


SPAZIO 77 Restaurant & Lounge
P.O. Box 66355 Riyadh 11576
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Telephone: +966.1.211.1888
Fax: +966.1.211.1181