Sky Bridge

Sky Bridge

KC SkyBridge 1
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Sky Bridge

Extending 65 meters in length, the SkyBridge which is a steel structure weighting about 300 tons sits on top of the 300-meter height tower and overlooking the whole of Riyadh. Its unique position gave it the advantage of being one of the most important attraction point for tourism in Riyadh. The trip to the SkyBridge passes through two elevators, first elevator will take about 50 seconds to reach the height of 180 meter to the Transfer level, and second elevator will take less than 40 seconds to reach its final destination the Sky Bridge.

Ticket sales points

On Gallery floor in front of Loewe

Ticket price

SR 60 for Adults
SR 20 for Kids under 10 years
And free for Infants under 2 years

*Special incentives for groups

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